What is a Diamond Painting?

A brand new DIY artwork that divides the image into patterns is diamond painting. The resulted pattern has a close similarity with the cross-stitch.

Divide the required image into a grid style, which is stamped on canvas is called a diamond painting.

Place the diamond drills over the entire pattern and give the image a new look. You can generate bright artwork with great ease.

Diamond painting is a very brilliant idea to convert your image into your favorite custom work. Everyone can be an artist with confidence having nice creativity.

Every letter, symbol, or number in the grid refers to a specific color. The color chart, at the border, gives you insight into the DMC cross-stitch code.

A printed sheet also supports you to deliver full convenience. An adhesive keeps the diamonds in place, so you do not need additional glue.

Big gem diamond painting is the very first development that offers big gems to ensure the simple and easy application activity.

Forget about confusion and make a mess-free painting with wax and stylus. In diamond painting, dimension and diamond play the whole game.

If you get a proper understanding of dimension and diamond, both, then adding sparkle to your painting would be super easy.